Let's build COSMOS

Learn by doing with our C4-powered app-building tutorial. Let us walk you through the process of how we built a nice little iOS app called COSMOS.

Chapter 23

Submitting to App Store

Our last task is to get COSMOS on the App Store. Seriously.

  1. I actually didn’t do this now because I had previously uploaded a version in June. But, I wanted to add this step in here for you to read about. The previous app was built with an older version of C4, so I needed to completely rewrite its codebase… We’re now in October. ↩︎
  2. I actually did 1.1, but got the same error because there was already a 1.1 from June that I had forgotten about. ↩︎
  3. Once you start seeing this upload progress bar, it means you’ve finally got the right settings and versioning etc, for the app to be uploaded. ↩︎
  4. I took screenshots while actually going through the upload process so I could write about it later. ↩︎